Nipe Asali

"Nipe asali" (give me honey) is a Swahili phrase meaning "be kind to me".

Let's be good to each other. Life is often an uphill task and the only way we can grow is if we're working together. We can choose to fill this world with love and respect. We can all share the honey we've been given. 😊

Written by Esther Thirimu
Track produced by Kazoo Okoshi

Video directed by J.J. Koester
Edited by Michelle Madden
Produced by Eddie Qumber of Infinite Africa (He's the one who gives me honey in the end. Hehe.)

Shot on location in Kenya. 
Special thanks to Pastor Chege and family. ❤︎
And of course, the choir!!♫ Kazoo, Harumi, Steve, Vivian, Atchan, Keigo, and Miwaza!

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