Say What You Will (feat. Jesse)

Our first music video for an original song! We're really happy about it and we hope you'll enjoy it too. :) I wrote the song in April last year (Ur muh gur, it's already been over a year!) and Wataru put down the guitar parts. I just love the way he makes the guitar do what he wants. Jesse's verse is a mouthful - I can't even imagine rapping as fast as he does.

Thank you, everyone! I'm looking forward to doing more with you soon!! ♪

初PVで〜す!♫ うれしいね、やればできるんだ。去年書いた曲にわたるくんがギターをつけてくれて、ジェシーのラップも入れた。みんなありがとうね、またやりましょうよ!:D

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