Michael Bublé!!!❤️


So I was at home, minding my own business, when I suddenly got a message from my friend, a pianist. He had an extra ticket to a Michael Bublé concert and he was wondering if I wanted to go. I said YES!!

You see, I've been a fan of the crooner since I was in high school. His voice is like butter. And the goofy things he does while on stage ... the way he talks ... Sigh. ❤️

Imagine my utter excitement when I discovered on arrival that we had front row seats!!! I apologised in advance for anything embarrassing I might do in my frenzied state. Good heavens.

The show was spectacular. I was bouncing for the better half of the show. 😂 The band was perfect. The scary bodyguard is apparently a "big teddy bear", according to his boss. Yeah. Not compelled to play with him though. 😊

During the encore, Mr. Bublé came down from the stage (he'd done that several times already, each time passing a different aisle) and came and stood RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! Then he put the mic in my face and I sang one line!!!!!!!!!!! 😁😁😁😁

It was absolutely magical. I'm still swooning. I love Michael Bublé!!!

I was in the moment. No time to stick an iPhone in his face. 😊






最高だった!ずっとぴょんぴょんって飛び跳ねてた、私。😂 バンドも完璧。護衛隊(bodyguard)の顔が怖くてさ、本当は優しい人だよ、とか言ってた。😇



私はin the moment系だね。マイケル・ブブレ良い人!!!!!

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