So it's 2015.

The first entry of 2015! I’m going to try and keep these short and sweet so that I don’t spend too much time on each entry. That way I can post more often! Yay.

We had a meeting last night about R101. We talked about our goals for this year (they involve being awesome, of course) and what each of us can do to make our time with the group worthwhile.
My biggest task is to COMMUNICATE! Talking to people. After the show, for instance. 😱I’m actually really shy. It takes courage for me to go up to people and just start talking to them. The police are different though. I can walk up to them without giving it any thought. I love the police in Japan. ❤️
But I’ll do it! And I’ll learn from it. And you’ll learn with me because I'm certain the experiences will merit some writing.

Keeping it short!

Sushi!!! I love negitoro. :D

Sushi!!! I love negitoro. :D

2015年一番目の記事!今年はなるべく短く書くようにする。♫ 長いとそんなに頻繁に書けないし、読む方も時間を置かなければならなくなるね。ではでは。

昨晩はR101のメーティングを行って、今年の目標についてなど色々話し合った。もちろんある程度の成功の形に持って行きたいな…♫ 婉曲上手になったな…


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