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I'm working on my career as a singer-songwriter. I want to relay what's in my heart and my head into music that people can relate to. In the meantime, bills must be paid and food must be eaten, so I sing at hotels and events to earn my daily bread. 

You're singing to become a singer?

You're singing to become a singer?

To do that, I need an ever-expanding repertoire. When you're a newbie on the scene, no one really wants to take chances with you, no matter how rave the reviews. You're constantly proving yourself until even the hardest of skeptics is convinced that you mean business.


In my perpetual quest to learn new songs, I end up discovering musicians that everyone seems to know about and I've never heard of. Seriously. When talking to seasoned musicians, I feel like I've just stepped out of my mother's womb. It usually goes like this: 

Seasoned Musician: You should listen to the version by Anita O'Day.
Swinky: (Reaching for my notebook so I can jot down the name) Anita O'Day?
Seasoned Musician: (Eyebrows raised) You've never heard of Anita O'Day?
Swinky: (Barely concealing my shame) I'll look her up.
Seasoned Musician: (Smiling politely) Good.

They're very patient with me. :)

永遠に曲を学んでいます。毎日のように新しいミュージシャンに出会い、誰でも知っているような人でも私だけ分からず。本当に毎回発見、初耳。:( 経験豊なミュージシャンと話をする時にまるで生まれたばかりの赤ちゃんと同じレベルの常識。本当。




Anyway, on one of my learning sprees with Ella Fitzgerald as my trusty guide, I stumbled upon Mack The Knife. I vaguely remember that title from somewhere. Or maybe I'm thinking of Jack the Ripper. 


That's how I found out about Bobby Darin. 


And here's Ella's version:


There's a point to this story! 

Bobby Darin passed away when he was only 37 years old. He suffered bouts of rheumatic fever when he was a child, weakening his heart. The spectre of death was always hovering over him, so from an early age he set out to do anything and everything he could. He wrote songs in different styles, he learned how to play multiple instruments and he even had a successful foray into acting. He had his own variety show and was a voracious chess player!


I know. I felt very "shame on me" when I read about him. I can sit at the computer for hours watching random YouTube videos and then wonder where the day went. I've gotten a lot better at time management, but it's easy to slip every now and then. 


I need that sense of urgency. The feeling that if I don't do something now I'll just keep procrastinating until there's no point in doing it. I'm surrounded with people who hold me accountable and still love and appreciate me when I fail to meet expectations. We all need that.


Okay! Back to learning songs. ♫

フイ!Back to 曲勉強!♫

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