Let Me Sleep! 2 (鳩との戦い:その2)

They came back.  


I couldn't believe it. I was finally easing back into my normal sleeping patterns and they came and ruined it with their cooing. The scarecrow (inflated bird) only worked for about a week. It wasn't fooling this determined pair. They left me with no choice.



The previous tenant of my current apartment left a lot of stuff in the house. I really should call it shit because most of it was old and filthy (e.g. carpets and blankets ... ew!) and, essentially, not mine.

I got rid of most of it, and only kept the tools. You know: a hammer, pliers, screwdrivers, etc.

And nails.

How many nails does one need?


Okay! So now we can finally conclude this pesky pigeon predicament.


I poked nails and thumb tacks into a sunshade I purchased at the dollar shop ...

Good job you smart cookie you.

It's not animal cruelty. They're the ones depriving me of my sleep.



And voila! My very own practical prickly pigeon-prevention piece! 

Try not to be distracted by the rust. You're supposed to admire my work.


I fear I spoke too soon in my last entry, lauding the effectiveness of the scarecrow. This particular contraption is tried and tested. Swinky-verified.

結果:No more ハト!イェイ!!

No more pigeons!! Yay!! ♫


So if you're having trouble with feathered pests, just go for the nails.

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