Let Me Sleep! 鳩との戦い

I need to have seven to eight hours of sleep or I won't be able to function at optimum levels. I am VERY protective of my sleep time. I guard it jealously.


There are two pigeons that just would not let me have my sleep. I'm guessing they were a couple looking for a place to settle and raise their babies, and they decided that my balcony was the perfect spot. I was rudely roused from my sleep in the wee hours of the morning by cooing. Incessant cooing.

For the first few times I just went outside and scared them away and tried to get back to sleep. I would yell at them and threaten to break all their eggs if they dared to build a nest. They stared at me from the rooftop of the house across the road, as though they were daring me to chase them from there. They have small brains, but those things can be bullies.


It wasn't long before I'd had enough. Setting old flower pots (and other things I found lying around) so that they wouldn't have a place to land hadn't yielded any results. In fact I think I had made it even cosier.

I have nothing against birds trying to settle somewhere and start a family. But what about my sleep?
So I went to the dollar shop and bought a bird repellent.

ある日我慢できなくなった。 その場所を魅力的でなくさせるように、いろんなものを置いてみた。縄まで巻いた!よ~し!来ないぞ~と思いきや、今度は心地よくねぐらについていた。



My apartment is really old.

My apartment is really old.

It worked like magic! I haven't seen or heard the pigeons since. I suppose they think I'm so bad-ass that I hanged one of their comrades as an example.


ちなみにうさぎも「羽」で数えるんだ知らなかった。勉強になるな~♫ ブログ続けよ~と。

Yay!! I can sleep now!

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