Rainy Musings 梅雨の物思い

My landlady is the sweetest human I know (after my mum). She was worried about me cycling in the rain, so she gave me a poncho, a giant reflective rain-proof sheet and a waterproof cap to shield my eyes from the pounding rain. I ended up looking like a Dalek from Dr. Who, but at least I was dry when I got home.


That's my bag in the trash bag.

When I was in primary school, umbrellas were an impediment to free movement. And there was no point in having one anyway because you'd lose it or someone (usually an older kid) would claim it. So we used to wear polythene bags on our heads or a trash bag with a hole cut through the bottom. They worked perfectly and you could carry your school bag on your back and be presentable and dry when you got to school.


I feel the same way now when I'm riding my bicycle in the rain. I'd rather look like an extraterrestrial mutant than hold an umbrella while cycling. That's the point I'm making. :D


And umbrellas don't work that well if it's windy and the rain batters you from all directions. I know there are those that can withstand unbelievable wind speeds, but what's the point of holding up an umbrella if you're still going to get wet?


I love the rainy season in Japan. It lasts just long enough for me to convince myself that summer won't be so bad.


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