🎃Belated Halloween Special ちょっと遅れたハロウィーンスペシャル🎃

First of all, Halloween in Japan is a giant costume party. I was working so I didn't go to any parties, so instead I'm going to talk about horror movies a little bit. I might not be an expert on the genre, but I am decidedly an opinionated human being. 


I don't like horror movies. I don't like being scared just for the sake of it. I don't enjoy being terrified to the point of temporary insanity by images that will remain imprinted on my brain for eternity. I'm not exaggerating. I still remember watching Friday the 13th as a child. My brothers were watching it and I was in the room, and no one thought, hey, there's a child in the room. Let's interest her in something else. 

ホラー映画は嫌い。ただ怖がるために何かをしたり見たりはしない。もちろんおばけ屋敷もね。心に焼きついた映像は一生忘れられない。大袈裟じゃないです。😣 未だに「13日の金曜日」という古い映画覚えている。お兄さんたちが観ていて、「怖いから観ないで」とか言ってくれなかった。固まって全部観ちゃった。蝶々とかと遊べばよかったね。

Like catching butterflies.

One of the movies my loving siblings let me watch has remained embedded in my memory: Creepshow. If you're into that kind of thing, you're probably in for a ride. However, if you're six years old and you witness cockroaches oozing out of a man in a sterile environment, your psyche is tainted forever. Cockroaches become indomitable lifeforms that will hound you particularly if you detest them. You can't win. Decades have gone by and every now and then my brain dredges up those images when I'm trying to enjoy a head movie. (I know I should just say dream, but that clip makes me laugh so much I wanted to share it. 😁)


Go ahead. Try to forget that.

Thrills are a whole other thing. I'm talking about gory images and eerie music and a general sinister atmosphere that leaves you with a feeling of dread that you can't quite put your finger on. And then you have to do mental exercises to drag your thoughts back to reality because you feel ridiculous when you're startled by wind. You don't have that? Ever? Oh. Okay.

Just so we're clear, no one can convince me to enjoy Ghostbusters. Blame this scene.

楽しめるスリラーは別の話。ここで指摘しているのはぞっとする血だらけの映像とか、不気味な音楽でわざと落ち着かない雰囲気を招くようなもの。観てしまったら、ちゃんと黙想して考えを正しい方向に導く必要がある。しないとずっとビクビクして過ごすしかない。あれ?そんなの経験したことない?私だけ?あ、そうですか。😨 はい。


They say it's a classic scene from a classic film.

So you can imagine my delight when I found a zombie film (in addition to Shaun Of The Dead) that I could come away from undamaged. 

I hope you are sufficiently enticed.



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