Yes, it's the prototype! The title expresses the sincere hope that I will continue to evolve. I recorded every song with my band. I hope you enjoy it!

7. Mkokoteni

8. My Whole Life

9. Labyrinth

10. The Adventures

11. Nipe Asali Reprise

12. Kesho

1. Lily of the Valley

2. Say What You Will

3. January

4. Taken Me Over

5. Nipe Asali

6. Heave Ho!



The Debut Solo E.P. by Swinky (A.K.A. Esther)

Featuring 5 original tracks and an original remix!

1) Mkokoteni

2) Moment In Time

3) Nipe Asali

4) Lily of the Valley

5) Sending You My Love

6) Nipe Asali (Toshiyuki Yasuda Remix)